Nathan 1.5L Hydration Bladder


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BPA-free hydration bladders with high-flow bite valves and large, easy-fill openings now come with detachable hose for convenient cleaning and faster set-up in your favorite Nathan Race Vest.

  • High-flow bite valve
  • Large, easy fill openings
  • BPA free
  • Assembly required, Need to attach hose to bladder hose port. Recommend use flat surface, apply lubricant and force to insert end of hose to bladder port.


  • Remove the top slider and empty remaining liquid
  • Reach hand inside reservoir, grab the bottom, and then pull to reverse; turning the reservoir inside out
  • Wash bladder with warm water and soap
  • Run warm soapy water through the hose
  • Rinse both until soapy residue is gone
  • Dry with top open
  • Pro Tip: Use balled up paper towels in your bladder to help it dry



Bladder staining is generally caused by food coloring used in liquids. This staining does not affect the functionality of the bladder, yet can be difficult to remove. We recommend using a chlorine free, non-toxic, and biodegradable tablet to combat stains and odors.

Occasionally users may notice a plastic taste. To reduce, squeeze lemon juice into the reservoir, fill with water, and place in the freezer. After frozen, remove, thaw, and rinse.

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