U Brooks Draft XC Spike


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The same durable outsole lugs for traction on uneven surfaces and cushioning designed for distance - with spikes.

Toe the line and take on the competition. The Draft XC Spikeless racing flat offers ultralight comfort for cross-country racing, plus a customizable upper that’s made for you to leave your mark.

Best For…

 Cross-country races
 Running fast




  • Customizable upper
  • Optimal traction
  • Soft cushioning
  • Weight- 6.0oz / 170.1g
  • Distance- up to 5000m
experience type speed


Light and responsive shoes designed to help you chase down your next PR or to feel a little faster.

Cushion Level:

  • Standard Cushioning
  • More Cushioning
  • Most Cushioning


  • Support
  • Maximum support

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