Stainless Steel Replacement Cross Country Spike Pins

Runners' Choice Kingston

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Replacement spikes with universal thread valid for the athletic spikes.

Steel track pins (pyramid/cone shape) that will fit in any pair of track spikes.  Each pack contains 12 pins.

6mm pins are typically used for a lighter runner that cannot put as much force into the track, while 7mm are used by more powerful runners. 9mm pins are typically used during cross-country or for some field events. 13mm pins are strictly for cross-country

Most tracks will allow up to 6mm pins to be used on a synthetic surface. Many tracks require the pyramid type pins to be used (please check with the facility you are planning on using these with). 

  • Stainless steel spikes.
  • For all Cross Country surfaces.
  • Contains 12 spikes.
  • Fits all manufacturer's shoes, no wrench included.

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