COREFX Double Under Speed Rope


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The COREFX Double Under Speed Rope can be adapted to meet all of your fitness goals! This skipping rope is perfect for the beginner who is just getting started and for the advanced athlete who is wanting to challenge themselves to build muscle endurance!

  • Can provide you with more intense workouts, to help you improve the quality of your exercises and allow for you to achieve your fitness goals at rapid speed.
  • Most effective and powerful full body workout that will have you seeing results in no time! This rope helps you to improve your heart rate, tone muscles in the lower and upper body, improve bone density, burn body fat, help attain balance, coordination and agility.
  • Can be incorporated into various workouts such as MMA, boxing, bodybuilding, personal fitness training and home and outdoors workouts.
  • Perfect for CrossFit double unders and speed jumping!



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