Strassburg Sock


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For the treatment of heel and sole pain in Plantar Fasciitis

  • Alternative to conventional rigid plantar fasciitis night splints
  • Maintains arch ligament in the stretched position
  • Lightweight, breathable and washable

The Strassburg sock creates a pulling pressure on the plantar fascia shortening the distance between the calcaneus and metatarsals to lift the medial longitudinal arch. This stretch can result in a significant lessening of heel pain, especially with the first few steps in the morning. This method of stretching (Windlass Mechanism) is suggested to provide a more complete stretch than conventional night splints.

Using the Strassburg sock, the foot is maintained in the neutral or slightly stretched position by means of two adjustable straps.

If you have plantar fasciitis, you know how incredibly frustrating the condition can be. Many sufferers find temporary relief with daytime remedies only to find the pain return each morning. The body heals during sleep and times of rest. Effective treatment requires a combination of daytime and night-time treatments. The Strassburg Sock is designed to hold the plantar fascia in the optimum healing position at night.

This style of treatment can be viewed as a very comfortable alternative to night splints and indeed is very popular worldwide. Since it was developed by a Physical Therapist in the US it has gained significant popularity with medical professionals.


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