Limestone Race Weekend 2017

The Kingston Road Runners is pleased to present their biggest annual race event of the year. So many exciting new developments are taking place this year. The half marathon course is officially certified by Athletics Canada. Another exciting addition to this event is a new finishing medal for half marathon runners. Limestone Race Weekend donates to the KGH Trauma ward as well as Start2finish Reading and Writing program.

Runners’ Choice is pleased to team up with Saucony as sponsors for this weekend long event.

This event boasts four separate races: Kids 2K Start2finish, KGH 10K Trauma Run, the 5K and Historic Half Marathon. Take your pick. Assemble a 3-person team (one runner for each race).

Visit the KRRA website for more information and to sign up.

It all happens April 29th & 30th, 2017.

They ran 30K from Gananoque to Kingston


Many thanks to the volunteers who delivered the runners and manned the refreshment stations along the way.

You’re invited: Gan to Kingston 2017

Sunday March 26th, 2017. 7:50am departure from Runners’ Choice Kingston for 8:30am start in at the Gananoque Subway.
This our favourite Sunday run to welcome spring training. We run this every year on the same date as Hamilton’s Around-the-Bay 30K Race.
Here are the instructions for everyone…
WATER STOPS/AID STATION EVERY 5K. Look out for pylons or plastic container as markers.
  1. 5K Cemetery Outside Kingston at Hwy 2 #4753
  2. 1OK Barn w/ red roof at Hwy 2 #3781
  3. 15K Joyceville sideroad at Hwy 2 #2702
  4. 20K Treasure Island Marina
  5. 25K Miniker’s Garden Centre
Mark your waterbottles to put in drop-offs.
15K and 20K RUNNERS, put your bag in Al’s SUV.
30K RUNNERS, put your bag in Robby’s minivan.
Runners doing 25K – 29K PUT BAG IN AL’S SUV. It will be parked by CANEX
Al Cantlay’s SUV will follow runners with extra drinks and clothing.
A CAR WILL BE parked past Joyceville sideroad to return 15k runners back to the store.
Al will drive it there from Gananoque w/ extra key.
Shirley or (other) will drive Robby’s light blue minivan to Treasure Island Marina. Shirley will have extra key from Robby and drive 2ok runners in Robby’s minivan at 10AM back to Kingston.
10AM – 3Ok runners’ bags will be at Runners’ Choice; store will be open for people to change.
A Runner will drive CAR #4 back from the 15K or 20k mark back to Kingston, park/lock it and bring key to Runners Choice.
  • CAR #1 – Leslie ‘s friend will drop 4 runners off and leave.
  • CAR #2 – Matt will drive Tammy and two other runners And help ‘ferry” other cars back.
  • CAR #3 – Shirley will drive Robby’s minivan from Gan to Treasure Island 20k mark
  • CAR #4 – Ruth will drive car to GAN and bring back to Joyceville Sideroad.
  • CAR #5 – Al will drive Runners Choice to Gan and follow runners back
Dress warmly as weather could be bad. I will have extra clothing, blankets etc., if needed.
I will keep an eye on the runners. I will make changes on the car-pooling if needed
RUN SAFE. HAVE FUN. Let’s coffee and/brunch afterwards.