Run To Your Own Rhythm

The Beat Beethoven specialists have teamed up with coach Al Cantlay of Runners’ Choice to develop a program customized to assist aspiring runners and walkers achieve the goal of beating Beethoven in 50 minutes or less.
Beginning Wednesday April 3rd 2019 all participants will meet for an 8 Week training program. The program will be split into two groups: 4km finishers and 8km finishers.
We ask all participants are currently able to complete a 5km walk in under 60 minutes or less and are committed to exercising 3 times a week. Although not a requirement, in addition to Wednesday night, participants are encouraged to attend any of the other Runners’ Choice workouts
The 8 Week training program will be customized for each individual runner based on their ability level before the program begins. Each week incremental goals will be sent out to participants via email.
Training program includes:
Monday – 5km-8km Social run leaving from Kingston Brewing Co. at 6pm
Tuesday – hill or speed workout at 5:45pm (locations may vary between Fort Henry, RMC and Memorial Centre)
*The below workouts start and end at Runners’ Choice. Changing facilities are available where participants are able to leave their personal items at the store.
Wednesday- Run to Your Rhythm training group. Group meets for a workout beginning at 6pm. Coaches will be available post session to field questions from participants and provide feedback.
Thursday – 45min-60min social group leaving from Runners’ Choice at 6pm.
Saturday- tempo* workout leaving from Runners’ Choice. Tempo workouts are about 20-30minutes in length (excluding warmup and cooldown) It should feel as if you are running/walking fast but in control.
Sunday – easy long run leaving from Runners’ Choice at 8:30am (distances and time subject to runners preference)
If you have any questions regarding the training program do not hesitate to contact Runners’ Choice; or 613-542-2410.

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