RE KARB Maple Fuel

Product Information:

Maple syrup is a 100% natural product that has not been transformed, that contains no artificial colors and no preservatives. It contains a high volume of carbohydrates which are easily metabolized in glucose by the body during effort, providing the energy needed to perform and to increase resistance. After workout, it helps restore carbohydrates reserves rapidly.

Being a source of potassium, calcium and magnesium, maple syrup is a must because these three minerals have an important role in muscle contraction and release. It is also an excellent source of manganese and zinc, two minerals necessary for muscle recovery.

Maple syrup is a natural energy source that contains lots of antioxidants. A total of 63 antioxidant compounds have been found in this bio-organic cocktail. Those nutrients have the capacity of neutralizing free radicals which protects cells from the oxidizing stress generated during long term effort. In other words, the intake of antioxidants before and after workout reduces muscular fatigue and eases recovery.

RE KARB Energy syrups are composed of simple ingredients like maple syrup. Each flavor contains 100 mg of sodium from sea salt to increase electrolytes levels, to assure a sufficient intake during long term efforts.

Offered in an easy to carry and convenient package, Rekarb energy syrups provides you with an affordable, efficient and exempt of chemicals way of fueling up during races. Being less viscous than conventional gels, they are easy and quick to swallow. They don’t contain transformed sugars like maltodextrin which is hard to digest and give a lot of discomfort to many athletes. Finally and not to neglect, it has a heavenly taste! The bad taste of refueling is now part of history!

RE KARB is now available at Runners’ Choice!


Kingston Running Tours

Runners’ Choice Kingston has teamed up with local graphic designer and to create Running Tours which are to be printed into brochures. Meanwhile, we have the files which now have been reconfigured for online viewing. Check out these four Running Tours and be sure to share them with your running friends. Not only are each of these tours unique and present our beautiful city, they introduce runners to Kingston’s rich history.

Click each image for a large version…

Beat Beethoven & Queen’s University 8K Tour

Kingston Waterfront 13K Tour

Fort Henry / RMC 8.3K Tour

Downtown Kingston Heritage 5K Tour

Keep watch as these are the first FOUR with big plans for running tourism in Kingston. Design by hi-octane creative. Photography by the MOMENT is CAPTURED & David Lee. Marketing by 365kingston.

Spring running apparel


Runners Choice is pleased to have an excellent selection of men and women’s spring and summer running apparel now in stock. Drop by and see the nice gear we have in-store.

Beat Beethoven


For the last 21 years, thousands of participants have challenged themselves to finish an 8 km race or a 4 km fun run/walk through downtown Kingston before the Kingston Symphony has finished playing 50 minutes of Beethoven’s best music.

Mark your calendar for this year’s event, which will be held on Sunday, June 4, 2017 at 10:30 a.m. The action takes place at Confederation Park, in front of historic City Hall.

To register online for either the 8 km race or 4 km fun run/walk, please click here.
You can also register for this event in person by visiting Runner’s Choice at 56 Brock Street in Kingston.

4 km Fun Run/Walk | $35  < check with KRRA Secretary for member discount code.
8 km Race | $45  < check with KRRA Secretary for member discount code.

Visit the Kingston Symphony’s dedicated web page for the event.

Limestone Race Weekend 2017

The Kingston Road Runners is pleased to present their biggest annual race event of the year. So many exciting new developments are taking place this year. The half marathon course is officially certified by Athletics Canada. Another exciting addition to this event is a new finishing medal for half marathon runners. Limestone Race Weekend donates to the KGH Trauma ward as well as Start2finish Reading and Writing program.

Runners’ Choice is pleased to team up with Saucony as sponsors for this weekend long event.

This event boasts four separate races: Kids 2K Start2finish, KGH 10K Trauma Run, the 5K and Historic Half Marathon. Take your pick. Assemble a 3-person team (one runner for each race).

Visit the KRRA website for more information and to sign up.

It all happens April 29th & 30th, 2017.