30-30 Challenge

Starting February 9th:
30 minutes of running for 30 days.

Our goal is to beat the winter blahs, get in shape, connect with friends and have a chance to win some great prizes…

Starting FEB 9, run/walk for 30 continuous minutes: at home, on a treadmill or with the Runners’ Choice Kingston crew hosted by owner Al Cantlay. Each day you put in 30 minutes you earn ONE point. If you do it with Runners’ Choice, you earn a second point.

At the end of the 30 days, the TOP THREE runners with the most points will win some great prizes. (details to come, but the top prize is some serious booty).

Here is the schedule for Runners’ Choice (RC) runs:
MONDAYS – RC store 6pm
TUESDAYS – Barriefield (hills) 5:45pm
WEDNESDAYS – RC store 6pm
THURSDAYS – Women’s group RC store 6pm
FRIDAYS – RC store Lunch Run at noon
SATURDAYS – RC store, Tempo workout 9:15am
SUNDAYS – RC store, Long distance 8:30am, coffee after


Please note: THE FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE is the tally, so be sure to like us on Facebook and see our events page. Every time you log a run, be sure to post it on that page, so we can keep track. Log it on the date to count it. You are invited to describe the run (hard, easy, distance, time…), but it is optional. HAVE FUN.

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